The ERCx VSCode extension allows developers to get the feedback on their code directly in the IDE with a simple click.
Simply install the extension from the Microsoft Marketplace or OpenVSX registry, open a Solidity file and click on the Code Lens above the contract name. This will call the ERCx API and ask for the list of tests suitable for this contract.

ERCx VSCode screenshot1.png

You can then run the tests you want through the API. After about 2 minutes, for the full list, the results will be displayed inline.

ERCx VSCode screenshot2.png

Note: This extension depends on having already installed a syntax highlighing extension for Solidity. You can choose one from the marketplace by searching for solidity.

You can use this extension directly in the GitHub online ide. Simply go to a repository that has a Solidity file and press . (dot). Then you will find the familiar VSCode interface. Install this extension and the previously mentioned syntax highlighting extension. Make sure you choose one that is available in the web.